Holistic Facials - Consultation and Facial Therapy - Auckland
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Multi-dimentional facial therapy

Jeanine integrates the most advanced holistic facial & healing techniques whilst marrying modern skin science & nature.  Her Intention is to deliver the most amazing sensory experience, deep relaxation and optimal skin health. Courses of Qi Beauty facials are available upon inquiry and can be an add on to the Sculptural Lifting Technique.

Not sure where to start? If your a new client and don’t know which facial is best for you, then I recommend booking the Initial Consult and facial. Here we will do a thorough skin consult followed up with the perfect facial for you and your skin.  Please allow 2 hours.

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This is non-surgical face lifting at it’s finest and most natural. Not only facial tissue and muscle rejuvenation but is also uplifting for the spirit to as it releases suppressed emotions stored in the facial tissues which affect the overall look of our faces. This is much more than just an advanced massage techniques as it incorporates osteopathic, cranioscaral, deep tissue massage, and intra-oral (often referred to as the buccal method).


Includes: Deep herbal cleanse and steam, application of floral concentrates mists and aromatic oils followed up by a nourishing warm mask with herbal tinctures.


A Course of 10-12 weekly facials are highly recommended. Pre-paid packages are available upon enquiry.

For those who want to fully experience my areas of expertise combined, this unique facial is a one-of-a-kind treatment that delivers beautifully plumped, vibrant skin paired with deep relaxation and a greater sense of wellbeing.


Tension held in the face, décolletage, neck, shoulders and scalp melt away with massage, acupressure point work, warm poultice compress therapy,  Gua Sha before a Craniosacral therapy and energy healing begin the release, rebalance and realignment of the physical, emotional and energy bodies.  These combined techniques make this a whole body experience one of a kind experience.


You will leave tension-free, with dewy skin and a deep feeling of connection to self.



Also using the beautiful and highly effective Janesce skincare line, this botanical facial treatment begins with a thorough cleanse, followed by the Gentle Enzyme Peel to soften and clear away dead skin cells.


I then envelop your skin in a warm mist of fragrant herbal steam to hydrate and oxygenate deep down. This is followed with a toning facial, neck and décolletage massage using aromatic oils. An intensive mask is blended with specific herbal tinctures to address your unique skin needs, and applied to your skin. I finish with the appropriate floral mist and botanical concentrate before applying moisturiser and suncare.

75 mins | $255



This is an ultra-hydrating, anti-ageing treatment for clients who are already reaping the benefits of the beautiful and highly effective Janesce skincare regime at home, or would like to know more about the brand.

To begin, I apply therapeutic levels of plant extracts to your skin, and then cover your face with the softest cotton muslin soaked in botanical essences. This plant therapy is gently compressed into your skin under a fragrant herbal steam.

This is followed by a face, neck and décolletage massage using Rose Facial Aromatic Oil, a formula that is softening, healing and rejuvenating for skin. The facial includes a complimentary brow tidy and foot massage, and is a beautiful way to spend some time in my healing hands.

75mins | $255

“I so thank the day I stumbled across Jeanine. Without a doubt she gives the BEST facial I have ever had (and I have had many!). Her facial massage technique is fabulous, it is so relaxing that I often doze off, and am not even embarrassed when the odd snore is emitted. My skin feels as if I should look 30 years younger, unfortunately that isn’t the case… I only look 10 years younger!”



Barbara Udale | Leadership Facilitator & Coach