Nutrition & Lifestyle Evaluation for Beautiful Skin & Wellbeing - Auckland
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Skin Coaching & Transformation

Our skin is an outward reflection of our inner health. We’ve all seen what happens when our health falls out of harmony; our skin follows suit. Finding the best way to restore our body’s unique balance allows us to feel our best, both inside and out – a philosophy embodied by both Jeanine and Janesce Skincare. Combining Janesce’s organically based, natural product range with Jeanine’s professional health analysis will aid in revealing the optimal condition of your skin.


Your skin is a reflection of your internal environment. Whether you want to boost your existing regime, target a temporary imbalance or battle a more stubborn, long-lasting skin condition (such as eczema, rosacea, acne, perioral dermatitis and more), your personalised evaluation and tailored treatment programme will set you on the path to a healthier, happier you.


$105 | 60 Mins

Add on a mini facial for an additional $60

Beauty isn’t just skin deep. Jeanine’s skin coaching programme’s span lifestyle recommendations such as nutrition, sleep, supplementation, stress management, exercise, self care and skincare to get you those glowing results you’ve always wanted.


Take your skin to the next level in just 6 weeks. This programme includes:

  • An initial comprehensive naturopathic skin health consultation
  • 3 x skin health check-in sessions
  • Text and email support throughout the 6 weeks
  • A customised 6-week prescription for topical skincare and skin nutrition
  • A Janesce ‘7 Days of Me’ Vital Cleanse pack for your clean-eating detox in week one. The pack includes the 7 Days of Me book (complete with cleanse recipes and a 7 day meal planner and shopping guide), the Janesce Aperitif to assist detoxification, Bestow Beauty Plus Oil, Bestow Dry Bristle Brush and Detoxification Bath Salts
  • A Janesce Skincare Introductory Pack which includes Janesce Rose Cleanser, Rose or Lavender Soaking Drops, Soaking Cloths, Rose Mist and Nourishing Skin Reviver
  • Bestow Beauty Powder for essential skin nutrition
  • Education about congesting foods and heating foods and their impact on your skin
  • Access to Bestow University for education about skin nutrition and Bestow products
  • Bestow recipe cards and smoothie recipes
  • A Petite 30 min skin balancing Facial after Session 2 as a reward for finishing your ‘7 Days of Me’ cleanse.
  • A 60 min Signature Facial at your last session to celebrate your ‘Good to Glow’ journey
  • 1 hour energy healing session

Enjoy $860 worth of value for $660

Full payment is required once you commence Session One.



A specialist Programme for those suffering from (and are finally ready to tackle at it’s root cause) the most tricky, stubborn skin conditions such as acne, congestion, rosacea, eczema, peri–oral dermatitis — this is the most comprehensive skin healing package, brimming with the significant changes needed to get you results you can see. In just 12 weeks, you’ll reap the rewards of:

  • An initial naturopathic skin health consultation
  • A comprehensive 12 week naturopathic programme tailored to give you all the internal, topical and lifestyle recommendations to address your skin concerns
  • An in depth 90 min consultation taking you through all the steps of your programme including skincare lesson and mini facial
  • 3 x consults and Craniosacral therapy treatments carried out every 2 weeks to work on lymphatic, digestive, circulatory, endocrine and muscular systems and emotional wellbeing to fast track, deepen and maximise your results.
  • 3 x customised facial treatments at the end of each month
  • Unlimited email and phone support during and after your programme
  • Helpful handouts of recipes, menus, stress management
  • ‘7 Days of Me’ Vital Cleanse recipe book
  • 2 x Bestow recipe books
  • 3 x Soaking Cloths
  • Bestow Beauty Plus Oil
  • Aperitif herbal detox  250ml
  • Supplements – Zinc and B Complex
  • Janesce Hypersensitive skincare regime: cleanser, mist, soaking drops, moisturiser and a herbal concentrate

Enjoy $2300 worth of value for $1800

Take a look at some of Jeanine’s amazing client skin transformations.
“Jeanine’s massages are exceptional and she always finds those areas that need the most work. I also have regular craniosacral therapy with her. She works with an amazing sense of lightness and sentiment. Her treatments are nourishing and healing, and she has a strong intuition for what it is that I need. I find Jeanine to be most caring about not only the treatment she is giving but also about my mind, body and spirit. She is calm, compassionate and has an amazing personal warmth. The environment she provides is so peaceful and an instant de-stress. I recommend her without reservation.”




Jeanine uses only the best products for your skin.